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Talent Capture Blueprint

Learn to understand common pitfalls of hiring systems, and the best strategies to overcome them.

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Define Your Story/Your Employer Brand: Differentiating yourself from your competition or other companies competing for similar talent.


Proven method of developing a strategic sourcing plan to directly contact best in class talent in the passive candidate market.  Our reach far exceeds that of or other traditional social media.


Amplify your story and deliver a high level of engagement from the passive candidate market by telling your story; specifically your Employer Branding and utilizing a meaningful Employment Value Proposition.

Onboard & Retain

Working closely with the candidates and clients to bring best outcomes and successful onboarding.

For Our Clients

We value our clients and prioritize building a partnership. We are invested in understanding a company’s culture and identifying candidates that will prosper both personally and professionally. We understand the urgency of our client’s needs and are diligent in our efforts to meet them.

We offer long-term retained services, one-time retainer, and contingency search options. We focus on middle management to C-level placement in all facets of a company.

We partner with our clients, saving them time and money. As a recruitment consultant, we thoroughly vet candidates and their technical expertise and experience. We understand the subtleties of different types of heavy civil/industrial construction, including alternative delivery projects such as design-build and public/private partnerships.

We have over a decade of experience focusing on construction recruitment with hard bid contractors and understand what qualities and characteristics are desired for successful placements in this environment.

We identify candidates that are not active on job boards. We believe in the value of focused sourcing, cold calling, recruiting, and utilizing referrals. We source new candidates consistently through intentional and proven processes. We partner in marketing a company’s values and opportunities to attract the best talent. These candidates are more than likely employed and comfortable in their current positions.

We conduct business ethically and take the time to gain candidates’ trust. We are committed to establishing meaningful long-term relationships to mutually benefit both our clients and candidates.

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