2 Minute Tuesday | Personal Board of Directors

So a couple of week ago I was researching information for Mentorship Programs, I ran across this term that I had not heard of called the Personal Board of Directors.  

A personal board of directors lets you seek advice from a number of people you respect and trust on different topics.  Setting up a Personal Board of Directors is much like seeking out a Mentor which we covered previously but with multiple individuals.

This essentially can take your mentorships to a whole new level.  You can assign different people to different aspects of advising your life.  I can think of a few people that I would want to have on my ethics/situation resolution board that I would not want on my business decisions board.  

An example is you might have a great mentor who is your superior at work.  You might meet with him for advice monthly.  If you had another job offer extended to you, obviously you shouldn’t ask your supervisor for advice with that.  Even if you trusted that persons confidentiality that person could be motivated to give you advice that would not necessarily benefit you foremost.

I am really excited about putting my own Personal Board of Directors together.  I hope you are too.

Taylor Maurer

Taylor Maurer