TCB 3: Where are your Qualified Candidates?

Where are your Experienced Candidates? A pool of experienced candidates is one of the three crucial elements to successful talent capture. So where are your top-tier candidates? In most cases the answer is; they are working for your competitors. Before you can cast your reel out into the water it is best to build a pond that has every qualified candidate within a reasonable commuting tolerance to your office or projects. Ask yourself; How many candidates is that?

For example, if you are seeking to hire a Senior Estimator, the two questions that you need answered are: How many competitors are in your market? And how many Senior Estimators or candidates ripe for the promotion to the Senior Estimator role are there in those companies? This is what is called a Mapped Market.

Our signature system includes a dedicated team of full-time data mapping experts utilizing emerging technology partners to source over 7000 heavy civil construction professionals every month. We have the ability to quickly build comprehensive datasets that target specific geographic markets accessing nearly every competitor in the area. What does this mean for you? In most cases we can source over 90% of the qualified talent in your geographic area within about 5 business days. Thus, fulfilling the one of the three critical elements of our Talent Capture Blueprint.

In the next video, I’ll be showing you how to increase conversions through Employer Branding and Employment Value Propositions. Click the button below for a free Market Mapping Audit and we will respond with results of how your access to talent compares to a fully mapped market.

Market Mapping Audit

Market Mapping Audit

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